Main Features

The main application is based on the arcade hit, BreakOut. Set in space, it contains many of the original features.

  • Joypad Input
  • Skybox
  • Audio
  • Scores
  • Lives
  • Camera
  • Lights
  • Textures
  • Font
  • Collision Detection
  • 3D Models

Space Out 3D - Playstation 2

Structure of Application

The game is based on the Framework given by [ Fortuna08 ], main.cpp contains the core logic of the game.

Pipeline Class

This stores the pipeline matrices required by the application. Eg: Projection, View, ViewProjection, Light Direction and Light Colour. For the camera, it stored the position and orientation. It contains methods to calculate and set the required matrices. These matrices are then updated accordingly.

VU1 Micro-Code

The micro-code is an abstract class which provides the 3D graphics functionality for the application. It implements vertex transformations, vertex texture mapping, vertex clipping, viewport scaling and per-vertex lighting. It utilises a quad buffer memory management scheme which means it can transfer 32 Qwords of constant data and process 82 vertices per batch.

Terrain Class

This provides the terrain in the application. It is scaled in main.cpp and contains a moon texture.

PlayerStats .h/.cpp

This contains the logic for the player’s lives and score.

Font Class

This class is used for rendering text to the screen.

Audio Class

This class allows the sound functionality of the application. There are two sound processors and this allows access to both.

Ms3dmodel Class

This class allows Milkshape 3D models to be rendered such as the skybox used.

Entities Class

This contains all of the vertex data for the cubes.

Primitives Class

This contains sprite functionality for the application. Although it is not utilised, it was intended to have a splash screen and so this class was required.

Timer Class

This allows the application to calculate the frames per second and provides basic timing functionality if required.

Sps2wrap Class

This manager handles all of the SPS2 memory management.


This makes it easier to create global objects.

PS2vector4 Class

This class allows vectors to be calculated by the application.

PS2quaternion Class

This class allows quaternion’s to be calculated by the application.

PS2matrix Class

This class allows matrices to be calculated by the application.

PS2Maths Class

This contains maths routines required by the application.

PS2Defines Class

This contains required defines of the application.

User Guide

The control system used for the application is quite simple. The directional pads or the left analogue stick can be used to control the paddle. Pressing the Start and Select buttons allows the user to exit at any time.

LEFT / RIGHT D-PAD Move paddle left / right

LEFT ANALOGUE STICK Move paddle left / right


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