“Don’t make me think” acutely describes the content of this book. Steve Krug’s advice is easy to understand and complements his method with the layout of websites. The short nature of this book makes it an enjoyable read. The collection of various screenshots and cartoons etch this book in our minds.

His “facts of life” are the fundamental behavioural characteristics of everyday users.

  1. Users do not read pages, they scan them.
  2. Users do not select the optimal choice, only the first reasonable one.
  3. Users do not read instructions, they “guess” their way.

These suggest how essential it is to keep web pages simple. User inputs should be kept to minimum in order to achieve maximum potential.

Krug covers homepage and site layout, navigation design and usability design comprehensively. The use of breadcrumbs, tabs, effective taglines are nuggets which can be adapted to any website.

I would definitely use this guide as a rule book in future projects.

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