This was created with 4 other students as part of our Game Development and Design Module. The aim of this module was to achieve an understanding of the processes involved in the design of a video game and to apply this knowledge in developing an innovative and commercially viable solution as part of a team.

Alley Katz was a personal ambition of mine which I had entered previously into Dare. In a twist on traditional street racing games, players take the role of a courier, participating in illegal underground races. Competing with other couriers, using modified bicycles, players’ race through many locations worldwide before completing various puzzles. The game is also designed to encourage people to keep fit while playing computer games and be mentally challenging. Players will utilise their quick thinking ability whilst under pressure and their fitness levels will be challenged during the other parts of the race.

The game is designed for the PC and all home console systems, which already have a large consumer base. The peripheral devices offered by these systems offer a perfect control system for the game.

Beneath shows the poster that I designed for the game.

Alley Katz Poster

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