A client’s request was to Analyze 5 Social Networking sites and present feature by feature comparison in short paragraph and matrix formations. The following requirements were stipulated:

Information should include the latest traffic and member number comparisons from Alexa and HitWise and or other sites, feature by feature analysis and a short conclusion.

Example of features:
What kind of communites/groups available
How many communities are there
Registration process
How easy it is to add a friend
How easy it is to join a community
What information is available on the profile view
What picture sharing options are available
How much customization is available on the profile
What 3rd party integration/tools can be used on the site
Music, Video sharing capabilities
AIM, Email or Internal messaging communication available
How much of the site is taken by advertisements
How easy it is to post an event, seen by all friends (also members group, or whole site)
How easy it is to view event
Birthdays feature
Courses (classes), Professor ratings and etc – all relevant to the school topic (pretty big)
Career/job resources
News and other services
What features are unique to each site
Other features you feel are relevant

The complete report can be viewed below.

Social Networking Websites Review

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