This document covers the notes and discussions during the meetings of the project team.

Jan 18th 2008

Participants: Programmers team full participation

Duration: 4 hrs

- Discussion of two different game ideas:

o Alley Katz(Sameer KUMAR)

o A survival game(Gorkem PACACI)

- For both of the ideas, members are going to write one-page descriptions and post them on assembla.

- Decided to use google groups for in-group communication.

Jan 25th 2008

Participants: Programmers team full participation, and GPM students also joined.

Duration: 6 hrs

- Decided to use assembla.com’s internal messaging service for in-group communication.

- One more week will be allowed for the ideas to get mature.

- Discussing about the coding conventions.

- Discussing about the current game ideas with GPM members.

- Coding conventions will be written to assembla wiki page, and will be opened for discussion.

- Discussed the heartbeat function in the game. Kenneth and Rushi are going to have a meeing with Andy Sapeluk to get help on hardware side.

Feb 1st 2008

Participants: Programmers team full participation

Duration: 2 hrs

- Discussed to change the meeting date of the week

- One of the GPM members work on Tuesday, and the other works on Wednesday, so it’s the best choice to keep meeting on Fridays.

- Sameer has a flatmate who is an artist, he is going to ask for his help.

Feb 8th 2008

Participants: Programmers team.

Duration: 6 hrs

- Voted for the game ideas, and the Alley Katz idea has been picked.


- The writing of the Game Design Document (GDD), Technical Design Document (TDD), and the Creative Design Document (CDD aka Art Production plan/APP)

- Discussed the need for artists and sound engineers.

- The structure of the level.

- The scoring system for the game.

- The heartbeat monitor.


- The completed game should have 5 levels with five puzzles in each. Each level being a different city.

- Types of music that would suit the game. We are using techno remix songs during the riding scene.

- How the race should be started. (girl with bra)

- What sort of obstacles the racer would face. E.g. pedestrians, cars, dogs.

Feb 15th 2008

Participants: Programmers team, GPM students

Duration: 6 hrs

- Andrew attended to the meeting as the artist of the game content.


- The art style. Wind, hills etc.

- Which part of Dundee the game should be held in.

- Tone, Genre, Theme, Story of the game.

- The structure of the level.

- List of animations.

- How many characters.

- Racing blur.

Feb 29th 2008

Participants: Programmers team, GPM, Artist

Duration: 4 hrs

Decisions about the content of the game:

- Checkpoints would be used

- A heartbeat monitor to determine how fast the user’s heart is racing. This will allow the game to reward or penalise the player for getting excited or staying calm.

- Heartbeats count down until zero.

- Completing a puzzle rewards the player with more heartbeats.

- At the start of the level the player will be asked to select their route.

- Which location the puzzles are attached to will be randomised.

- No competitors will be visible on screen, although there will be a constant reminder of how well they are doing.

Mar 14th 2008

The meeting notes for this date has been lost.

Note: We gave a break to meetings after easter holiday, but we kept email discussions going.

Apr 25th 2008

Participants: Programmers team full participation

Duration: 5 hrs

- Discussed the Puzzles

- Three puzzles are going to be incorporated into the game.

o A pong implementation

o A three dimensional snake implementation

o An implementation of Picross puzzle

- Discussed the last situation about the heartbeat monitor.

- As it turns out, we won’t be able to support heartbeat system in the game. Instead, we are going to use a points system. Player is going to collect points from the puzzles, and at the end of the game. Total points are going to define the total success of the player.

May 6th 2008

Participants: Programmers full team participation

- As it turns out, we won’t be able to get any input from the art side. So procedural generation of the game contents.

A task list for the last week has been stated:

- Menu
- Add bitmap graphic for title and credits

- Game
- Generate buildings (10 blocks with textures)
- Complete the 3 puzzles
- Collect points from puzzles and show them at the end.
- Disable sounds during the puzzles.
- Re-design pedestrian waypoints
- Fix the initial state of the directional light.
- Add puzzle destination positions to the mini map.

- Bicycle
- Replace the box with bike mesh
- Limit speed of the vehicle by a constant
- Fix reverse speed constant
- Fix brake torque constant
- The vehicle sometimes keeps going while the player is playing the puzzle.

- Camera
- Fix initial position of the camera

- Misc
- Game design document last changes

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