I am currently contracting on a part time basis for several software companies. I am actively looking for new projects or a full-time position in Game Programming, Game Design or Game Testing.

This site details the majority of the work I have completed. The material contained intends to be educational and if any mistakes are found, please notify me. If you find the information contained on this site useful, why don’t you drop me a line…

My main interests lie in gameplay programming, user interface design, game and level design. My game programming language skillset consists mainly of C++, C#, Java, Lua, Flash and HLSL. My projects cover PC, XBOX360 and the PS2. I am familiar with graphical tools such as UnReal Editor, Maya, 3dStudio Max and Photoshop.

The site also contains my CV and References which can be found by clicking on the the links below. The source code is included with most projects, however if you wish to see any project more closely, please let me know.

The content on this site could be broken up into the following categories:

Curriculum Vitae

Sameer Kumar Curriculum Vitae

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Game Development

Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games

An Intelligent NPC in a First Person Shooter

Console Game Development

SpaceOut 3D – Playstation 2

PC and Xbox Development with DirectX

Winter Scene

Dundonia – Adventure Platform Game

Game Design and Development

Alley Katz – Overview

Alley Katz – Game Design Document

Alley Katz – Technical Design Document

Alley Katz – Art Production Plan

Alley Katz – Meeting Minutes

Modeling and Animation

Gun and Bullet Animated Model

The Games MarketPlace

Should External Forms Of Censorship Control Games Production

The Traditional Model Vs The New Model Of Games Production

Master’s Proposal

Rendering Natural Phenomena on the GPU for Computer Games


Multimedia Technology

Huffman Compression / Decompression Algorithm

Digital Signal Processing

FIR Low Pass Filter Application

Content Writing

FAQ Section at www.cti-miami.com

Social Networking Websites Review

Enterprise Development

Shale – Online Music Tutorial Suite | Entrepreneurial Student Awards 2006 |

Nature Vs Nurture : How Do Entrepreneurship Theories Help To Explain The Motivations and Actions of Entrepreneurs


Macromedia’s Flash For Remote Access Medical Imaging

Image Processing And Analysis

Edge Detection And NeatVision Counter

NeatVision Counter


Java Paint Applet

Real Time Model of Java 3D Universe

Mobile Data and Voice Systems

Mobile Cellular Systems

Multimedia Information Retrieval

Music Information Retrieval – ♫♫ Name That Tune ♫♫

SQL Server

MS SQL Server Vs MS Access

Systems Administration And Network Security

A Case Study On Malware And The Code Red Worm

Linux System Administration and Network Security Script

Web Communications

Secure Transactions Over The Internet

Web Usability and Accessibility Engineering

“Dont Make Me Think” Book Review

Web Usability and Accessibility Evaluation